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Chemical Name:DINCH 
Cas No.:166412-78-8 
Molecular Formula:C26H46O4 
Molecular Weight:422.64 
Appearance:colorless liquid 
Usage:eco-friendly plasticizer 
Molecular Structure: 

Cyclohexane - 1, 2 - dicarboxylic acid (2) different nonyl ester, referred to as "DINCH, is an application designed for PVC sensitivity (e.g., medical facilities, food packaging, children's toys, etc.) and to develop a kind of phthalic acid esters plasticizer, it has the phthalate dioctyl with phthalate (DOP) of different nonyl ester (DINP) similar structure, DOP and DINP performance, and the function is more outstanding, embodied in: small mobility, colorless. DINCH belong to the environmental protection plasticizer of phthalic acid esters, after rigorous toxicology tests in Europe, its excellent toxicology characteristics make it become the toys, food packaging, medical supplies and other sensitive soft PVC products the first choice. Children under the age of three can be used in the production of toys, also can be used for low odor automotive cables, medical nutrition tube, sticky film, household gloves, environmentally friendly indoor food contact wallpaper, decorative sheet, intravenous transfusion tube and the surgical patient. / food packaging materials for medical use, epispastic wallpaper, beverage bottle caps, bottles of sealing ring, disposable syringes, iv catheter, infusion bags, gastroscopy, cosmetics packaging materials, toys, spray gel, nail polish.


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