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Chemical Name:Methyl Benzoate 
Synonyms:Benzoic acid methyl ester; clorius; essence of niobe; methyl benzenecarboxylate; Niobe oil; Oil of niobe; oniobe oil; oxidate le 
Cas No.:93-58-3 
Molecular Formula:C8H8O2 
Molecular Weight:136.15 
Appearance:Colorless liquid 
Molecular Structure: 

Appearnce:Colorless and oily transparent liquid  with strong fragrance of flower and cherry
Usage:n perfume,also  in solvents for cellulose ester, cellulose ethers, resins, rubber, etc

character Colorless oily liquid, with a strong fragrance and cherry flavours.

Melting point - 12.3 ℃

Boiling point 199.6 ℃

Relative density 1.0888

The refractive index of 1.5164

Flash point is 83 ℃

Solubility and ether immiscible, soluble in methanol, diethyl ether, insoluble in water and glycerin.



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