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Chemical Name:Benzyl alcohol 
Cas No.:100-51-6 
Molecular Formula:C7H8O C6H5CH2OH 
Molecular Weight:108.3 
Appearance:Colorless clear liquid 
Usage:Used for the preparation of sesame oil and drugs, etc., also used as a solvent set incense and spice 
Molecular Structure: 

Appearance is colorless clear liquid, has the faint sweet smell, in the industry commonly used as a diluent of epoxy resin. Soluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvent, can dissolve in water. About 25 ml of water soluble 1 g

Melting point (℃) to 15.3


Boiling point (205.7 ℃)


Relative density (water = 1) 1.04 (25 ℃)


3.72 relative vapor density (air = 1)


Saturation vapour pressure (kpa), 0.13 (58 ℃)


Flash point (100 ℃)


Ignition temperature (436 ℃)



1000 kg IBC packing


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