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Chemical Name:Benzonitrile 
Synonyms:Benzontrile; BN; Cyanobenzene; Ai3-24184; Benzene, cyano-; Benzenecarbonitrile; Benzenenitrile; Benzoic acid nitrile; Ccris 3184; Fenylkyanid; Hsdb 45; Nsc 8039; Phenyl cyanide; Phenylcyanide; 2BNC; B 
Cas No.:100-47-0 
Molecular Formula:C7H3FIN 
Molecular Weight:103.13 
Appearance:Colorless transparent oily liquid 
Usage:Used as a pesticide, dye intermediates and solvents such as antioxidant 
Molecular Structure: 

Density: 1.98 g/cm3

13 ℃ melting point: -

Boiling point: 268.1 ° C at 760 mmHg

Flash: 115.9 ° C

Water soluble: 10 g/L (100 ℃)

Vapor pressure: 0.00786 mmHg at 25 ° C

Physical and chemical properties

character Colorless oily liquid. Have bitter almond smell, taste bitter.

Melting point - 13 ℃

Boiling point 190.7 ℃

Relative density 1.0102

The refractive index of 1.5289

Solubility slightly soluble in cold water, 100 ℃ in the water solubility of 1%; Miscibility and common organic solvents.


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