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Chemical Name:DEDB 
Cas No.:120-55-8 
Molecular Formula:C18H18O5 
Molecular Weight:314.3325 
Specification:99.0% min 
Appearance:Colorless to pale yellow oily liquid, has a smell. 
Usage:For polyvinyl chloride (PVC), poly (vinyl acetate resin plasticizers. 
Molecular Structure: 

 density 1.1751 g/cm3

Boiling point (℃)   236 (667 pa)

Melting point (℃)  28

[index] 1.5448 (20 ℃)

 solubility slightly soluble in water, soluble in organic solvent in general.

"Flash" 232 ℃ (cup)

"Viscosity" Pa 0.11 s (20 ℃)

Product use:

 For polyvinyl chloride (PVC), poly (vinyl acetate resin plasticizers. With strong solubility, good compatibility, low volatile, oil resistant, water resistant, good resistance to light and polluting. Suitable for processing of PVC sheet, plasticized paste, poly vinyl acetate adhesive as well as synthetic rubber and so on.


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