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Chemical Name:Triacetin 
Synonyms:1,2,3-Propanetriol triacetate 
Cas No.:102-76-1 
Molecular Formula:C9H14O6 
Molecular Weight:218.21 
Appearance:Food grade Clear transparent oily liquid 
Usage:Used as chromatographic stationary liquid, solvents, toughening agent, and perfume fixative 
Molecular Structure: 



Net weight 225 kg drum; 1000 KGS IBC. 23 tons of TANK or according to customer's requirement



With ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone, ethyl acetate, chloroform and benzene miscibility, insoluble in mineral oil, soybean oil, etc., slightly soluble in water and carbon disulfide, 25 ℃ when the solubility in water of 5.9 g / 100 ml, non-toxic.

appearance                              lndustrial grade oily liquid

Color(Pt-Co)                                                             ≤100#

Content,%                                                               ≥98.0

Water content(wt),%                                           ≤0.2

Acidity(base on HAc),%                                      ≤0.1

Relative density(25/25℃)                           1.154-1.164


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