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Chemical Name:Sinocizer® 160 
Cas No.:85-68-7 
Molecular Formula:C29H39FO7 
Molecular Weight:518.6142 
Appearance:Colorless or light yellow liquid, no particulate matter 
Usage:The products are widely used in flexible floor, PVC, PU foam, such as adhesives, caulking agents and 
Molecular Structure: 



Net weight 220 kg drum; 1000 KGS IBC. 23 tons of TANK or according to customer's requirement.

Product advantages


This product has good compatibility with most of the resin, the strong solvation effects. This product can be used as PVC resin, vinyl chloride copolymer, cellulose, natural rubber and synthetic rubber plasticizer. High temperature play a little, heat resistance, good light resistance and cold resistance. Especially in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can significantly improve its processability. This product also has excellent electrical insulation, water resistance and oil extraction, oil plants and animals to its oil output only 1/5 1/5 of DOP. The plasticizer products pollution resistance, good wear resistance. This product more than with other plasticizer on the floor or floor tile, corrugated board contour filling plastic products. As auxiliary agent, this product with plasticizer such as DOP and used for film, artificial leather, this product can dissolve organic pigment), gives our products excellent transparency and smooth surface. This product can also be in after foaming formula, lower processing temperature, avoid premature decomposition of foaming agent. This product is used for ethyl cellulose, and the resilience of the plate, transparent film, can be obtained from mold and hot melt adhesive.


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