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Chemical Name:Benzocizer ® 750 
Molecular Weight:320 
Appearance:Transparent liquid, no particles impurities 
Usage:The environmental protection, safety, the best DOP, DBP, DINP, BBP phthalic acid esters such as subs 



Net weight 225 kg drum; 1000 KGS IBC. 23 tons of TANK or according to customer's requirement

Product advantages


1. To improve the effect of viscous and viscous response speed; Formula can choose different viscosity; Reduce the hardening time is to lengthen air buy time.

2. Suitable for PVAc and VAE water-based emulsion; In the emulsion system has excellent balance water and oil phase;

3. Low VOC volatile organic compounds. Low odor, improve working conditions for plasticizer used.

ingredients       DEDB+others

Appearance     Transparent liquid

Color(APHA)     50 max

Assay(esters)    99.0%min

BOiling Point(1 atm,℃)                           350

Freezing point(℃)                                 <-5

Pour Point(TCC,℃)                            197

Refractivelndex(25℃)                           1.535

SpecificGravity(25℃)                            1.15

Viscosity (Brookfield,25℃)                  68 cps

VOC content                                              <3%

Moisture                                                    0.1% max

Acidity(calculatedas Acid)                          0.1% max

Hydroxyl NO                                               15 max

Packing KGS/drum                                     225

Applications                     Emulsion&Adhesives


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