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Chemical Name:Benzocizer® 998 
Molecular Weight:342 
Specification:98.0 min 
Appearance:Colorless or light yellow liquid, no particulate matter 
Usage:The products are widely used in flexible floor, PVC, PU, adhesives, caulking agents and sealant, etc 


Net weight 225 kg drum; 1000 KGS IBC. 23 tons of TANK or according to customer's requirement.

Product advantages

1. The environmental protection, safety, the best DOP, DBP, DINP, BBP phthalic acid esters such as substitutes;

2. High solubility. Low temperature solation, faster processing speed;

3. High plasticizing efficiency, excellent compatibility, large amount of filling;

4. The viscosity can be adjusted according to customer's requirements;

5. Resistance transference in the finished product. The extraction resistance. Low temperature performance is good, soft light, thermal stability, volatile small.

Appearance:Transparent Liquid



Boiling Point(1 atm,℃):464(232/5mmHg)

Freezing Point(℃):-30

Pour Point(℃):-19

Flash Point(TCC,℃):202

Refractive Index(25℃):1.528

Specific Gravity(25℃):1.12-1.13

Viscosity (Brookfield,25℃):120cps

VOC content:<3%


Acidiey(calculated as Acid):0.1%max

Hydroxyl No:20max

Packing KGS/drum:225

Applications:PU,PS sealants


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