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Chemical Name:DPGDB 
Cas No.:27138-31-4 
Molecular Formula:C20H22O5 
Molecular Weight:342.3857 
Specification:99.0% min 
Appearance:yellowish liquid 
Usage:eco-friednly benzoates plasticizer 
Molecular Structure: 

1. Product name: dipropylene glycol benzoate

2. English name: Polyol ester of benzoic aicd

A product profile of the 3.

Dipropylene glycol benzoate DPGDB for short, the molecular weight of 314.34. Colorless transparent liquid, odorless, relative density 1.178. Freezing point 28 ℃ (16 ℃). The boiling point of 240 ℃ (0.67 kPa). The refractive index of 1.5424. Viscosity (28 ℃) 110 mpa. S. Flash point (cup) 232 ℃. Solubility parameter of 10.1, soluble in many organic solvents, insoluble in water. Flammable nontoxic.

4. Quality indicators


Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

Chroma (platinum - cobalt color number) 80, 100 or less

DPGDB mass fraction of 99.5% or higher, 99.0%

Flash point (open cup) or 195 ℃, 160 ℃

Heating loss (125, 2 h) 0% or less, 0.3%, 0.5%

Acidity (with phthalate) 0.01% or less, 0.06%

5. Product application

The plasticizer used as adhesives and sealants, alternative phthalic acid, dibutyl phthalate octyl lipid; Plasticizing efficiency, good compatibility, stability, cold resistant, water resistant, resistant to oxidation, light resistance, heat resistance, good electric properties and the price is low wait for a characteristic, near phthalate dibutyl about 30% lower. For white latex can increase stick relay, reduce product cost.



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