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Wuhan Sinocon New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing new type plasticizer, pharm and agrochem materials, intermediates, chemical additives and some PA polymers. SINOCON is managed by ISO 9001 of international standard, keeping all the process under QA system control.

SINOCON is holding an R&D center in Wuhan Bio-center and production base in Huanggang Chemical Zone which 90km away from Wuhan city with an experienced professional team, supported by modern facilities and advanced analysis instruments, such as HPLC, GC, GC with MS and AAS, etc. SINOCON's plant taking up an area of 60,000 square meters. It is setting four first-class workshops with over 50 efficient separated reaction units. The plant has specific installation for refrigeration system, high temperature thermo-conducting oil lines, purified water supplying, pressure hydrogenation unit, Nitrogen production, GMP standard vacuum drying and packing systems. Sinocon is longly proficient in air or amino oxidation, H2 reduction, catalyzed esterification, diazotization and fluoridation etc.

PLANT MANAGEMENT Our plant‘s operation strictly complies with government regulations and international standards for producing high quality chemical products. Maintaining a safe and highly efficient operation environment is standard practice in our plant. We have industrial waste air absorption system, 200-metric-ton-per-day waste water treatment system and government-provided solid waste processing system together ensure the plant to meet the national environmental protection standards. Our plant follows the requirements of the ISO14001 system. Equipped with advanced fire-extinguishing system as well as labor sanitation and occupational health precaution system, we also has acquired the various licenses from government for safe production.

Featured by a collection of research, manufacture and trade, we also cooperate with EVONIK and DAIKIN for some items. In the meantime, we under-take contract of product research and commercial manufacture. Through sincere scientific exploitation, teamed by a cooperative and dedicated spirit, adding an honest professionalism, quality technology as well as managerial expertise, SINOCON is ready to seize the opportunities and accept the challenges from domestic and overseas markets.
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